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  1. Dancing is fun. Do not worry if it goes wrong, time and practice will make the difference. 

  2. Relax, wear clothing you feel comfortable in.

  3. Slide! it's best to wear non-rubber soled shoes. 

  4. Ask other people to dance. everyone started at the beginning and are keen to encourage dancers to learn.

  5. The videos are to help you with the beginner routines. Practice the moves you’ve learnt in the kitchen, with the family, friends or the broom!


Are you looking for a specific move? 

Watch the moves in the videos;

1. First Move, Man Spin, Shoulder Spring

2. Yo-Yo, Comb, Lady Spin

3. Wurlitzer, Catapult, Slingshot

4. Sway Block, Arm Jive, Travelling Block

5. First Move, Basket, Wurlitzer

6. Yo-Yo, Sway Block, Man Spin

7. Octopus, Step Across, Slingshot

8. Basket, Travelling Block, Shoulder Spring

9. Lady Spin, Sway, Catapult

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